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A Guide to Organizing Women's Committee: Everything You Need to Know to Make a Difference!
Written by Jane LaTour, in consultation with Cornell ILR School faculty Lois Gray and Maria Figueroa, with funding provided by the Berger-Marks Foundation. The Guide provides step-by-step instruction to forming women's committees in unions and worker-centered organizations. Read More >

Women's Committees in Worker Organizations: Still Making a Difference.
This Guide is based on a 2014 study by Gray and Figueroa, Women's Committee in Worker Organizations, that identifies the most effective strategies, programs, and objectives of established women's committees at a range of local and international unions and worker centers. Read More >

Is There a Women's Way of Organizing? A Report on Gender, Unions and Effective Organizing
Between spring of 2008 and summer 2009, Cornell ILR Labor Programs faculty, staff, and students conducted a project to investigate and analyze examples of women-focused union organizing campaigns. Read More >

I Knew I Could Do This Work
Seven Strategies That Promote Women's Activism and Leadership in Unions. Read More >

Union Organizing Among Professional Women Workers
A research study commissioned by the Department for Professional Employees, AFL-CIO presented at the DPE Conference on organizing professionals in the 21st century. Read More >

How to Start a Local Women’s Committee
Check your Local union constitution and bylaws to determine how committees are established, most are appointed by the president. Decide how many officers you will have i.e. Chair, Co-chair, Secretary, Sgt-at-arms and Treasurer if needed. Read More >

Ovarian Cancer: Are You at Risk?
While the presence of one or more risk factors may increase a woman's chance of getting ovarian cancer, it does not necessarily mean she will get the disease. A woman with one or more risk factors should be extra vigilant in watching for early symptoms. Read More >

Ten Investment Tips for Women
AllBusiness.com LogoStudies show that a person's attitudes and beliefs about money have a huge impact on how they view investing. In general, women have a tendency to let others make important decisions for them, and overall are less likely to take risks. This presents a problem when it comes to investing, which is primarily about risk and return. Read More >