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Dolores Huerta
Union leader and co-founder of United Farm Workers
"Walk the street with us into history. Get off the side walk."

Arlene Holt Baker
Union leader and former AFL-CIO Executive Vice President
"These are collective issues of social and economic justice for all…when we include everybody, we're going to be a much more powerful movement."

Mother Jones
Union activist and leader
"If they want to hang me, let them. And on the scaffold I will shout "freedom for the working class!""

Nellie McClungNellie McClung (1873-1951)
Canadian Suffragist and Author
“I am a believer in women, in their ability to do things and in their influence and power. Women set the standards for the world, and it is for us, women in Canada, to set the standards high.”

“The women who have achieved success in the various fields of labour have won the victory for us, but unless we all follow up and press onward the advantage will be lost. Yesterday’s successes will not do for today!”

Louise McKinneyLouise McKinney (1868-1931)
Member of the Famous 5
“The purpose of a women’s life is just the same as the purpose of a man’s life – that she may make the best possible contribution to the generation in which she is living.”

Rosemary BrownRosemary Brown (1930-2003)
First black woman elected to Parliament of Canada
“Until all of us have made it, none of us have made it.”

Eleanor RooseveltEleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)
Former First Lady of the United States and Political Leader
"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face... Do the thing you think you cannot do."