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Union Organizing Among Professional Women Workers
Is There A Women's Way Of Organizing? Genders, Unions, and Effective Organizing. Read More >

Shuler Challenges Labor Movement on Lack of Women in Top Jobs
AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler, the highest-ranking woman in the U.S. labor movement, is challenging her colleagues to promote more women to top jobs. Read More >

The Parent Trap
This study examines the median unsubsidized child care fees in Canada's biggest 22 cities for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Read More >

The End of "Bitchy": Addressing Stereotypes of Women at Work
Women's communication styles are judged more critically than men. Why does this problem persist and how can we fix it? Read More >

Report Confirms Businesses With More Women Do Better
The Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, a nonprofit that seeks to help women advance in the field of technology, recently published a new paper called The Case for Investing in Women detailing the huge difference that women make in the workforce, especially when they're in leadership or senior roles. Read More >

Gender Gap Leaves Canadian Women "Leaning in" for the Next 228 Years
Without a change in public policy, Canada's gender gap won't go away anytime soon, says a new study from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). Read More >

Media Coverage of Women Candidates' Appearance Has Harmful Impact
Board MembersName It. Change It., a joint project of The Women's Media Center and She Should Run, released two new studies today that demonstrate the gender-based challenges women face from the media when they run for office. Read More >

Female Board Members Better than Men on Complex Issues: Study
Board MembersFemale corporate directors make better decisions on complex issues than men, raising questions about whether boards are doing a disservice to investors when they include no women, a new study argues. Read More >

Lean In? No thanks. I'd Rather Lean On.
Lean InI won't say Sheryl Sandberg's newly-released book and self-described social movement, Lean In, doesn't have something in it for ambitious young women looking for tips on getting ahead in corporate America. There is a frank discussion of the biased ways women are perceived in the workplace and a prescription for what to do about it. I was initially a bit baffled by the controversy and the angry reaction it's evoked. Far from being a feminist battle cry, her website is full of corporate speak about how to "project power," "create a high performance team," and "use your voice and read the room." Read More >

The Women Changing Britain’s Unions
Union LeadersWith unemployment among women at a 20-year high, a new wave of female union leaders and activists has come to the fore, reviving the fight for workers' rights when they are under greater threat than ever. Read More >

Business and Emotions (In Control) Are A Good Mix
Nancy ClarkNearly every female executive I’ve talked with has admitted to crying at work. Their stories usually follow the same pattern. Read More >